Philippines is a southeast Asian county. There are more than 7000 islands. The capital of Philippines is Manila. Currency of this nation is Philippine peso. The official language of Philippines is English and Pilipino, minor languages are Spanish and Arabic. In Philippines there are more than 170 languages. Philippines is the fifth largest English speaking nation in the world, where 52 million people speak English language. The people of Philippines are called Filipino. The country is predominantly Christian, where approximately 90 % of population is Christian. Philippines is one of the most developed and leading nation in the world on the field of marketing. Out of ten largest shopping malls in the world , three are found in the Philippines. And also Philippines is the world’s leading producer of coconuts. Philippines have many great histories like: the first dictionary was printed in Philippines, it was the first country in the southeast Asia to gain independence after second world war. Filipino discover the 16 animal species of mammals in 10 years. Philippines is seventh populated country in Asia and 12th in the world. But in Philippines there is the huge problem of human trafficking. This country is fourth largest number of prostituted children in the world, there are approximately four lakh women and girls are in the sex trades. The Philippines is considered as the text capital of the world, where 35 million Filipinos send 450 million SMS every day.


Philippines is one of the most attractive destination for international student to build better career. This is the country with one of the best education in the world. In Philippines there is no communication language problem for international because the main communication language of Philippines is English. There are more than 5000 international students. All education and in all level are taught in English. There are more than 2000 universities. Some of them are world ranked. The education system of Philippines is semester system and first semester begins in June and runs through October. Degree from Philippines are globally recognized. Student with Philippines degree in engineering are mast demand in world market. MBBS from Philippines university is one of the best degree in the world. Philippines is globally recognized. You can join only master’s program in Philippines university. The tuition fee in public and privet university are all most same in Philippines, but study expenses is generally low then other Asian and European countries.

Advantage of Study in Philippines
  • The degree from Philippines university is world-wise recognized.
  • Philippines universities are widely renowned in many countries for the superior standard of education.
  • Professors in Philippines are best professors , they are coming from all around the world.
  • Philippines universities are regulated by the Philippines ministry of education.
  • Better climate to live and better environment to study.
  • Studying in Philippines university opens the numerous opportunity to make a better career.
  • Opportunity to explore the vibrant language and culture.
  • Practical based learning and experiment based education.
  • living and studying expenses is very cheap than other Asian and European countries.
  • Philippines is known as one of the world best destination for MBBS and MD.